Our specialty is wooden standing puzzles.  Our designs range from fairly simple to fairly challenging, and once you're done assembling them, they stand on their own on a shelf or table of your liking.

For the more pet oriented, we offer a line of puzzles in the shape of animals, with the name spelled out as part of the puzzles. Known as Wordimals, these puzzles are available in a huge number of breeds that we're always adding to!

We also offer a range of key and leash racks. They're made to match the breed of your dog or cat. If you're into the more obscure, they also come in everything from bigfoot, to unicorns, to dragons!

Not finding something you've seen at one of our events, or have a burning need for a custom item? Just click below to contact us and ask for whatever you like. We'll respond promptly, whether we can do it or not!